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Gramblast is the only service that offers real likes and delivers them to your new posts for as low as $9.99/month! You can rely on our top-notch support and instant post detection.

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Our Features

Real Instagram Users Real Instagram Users

Real People

No bots, no ghosts, no fake or high quality accounts. These are actual people and businesses.

Automatic Delivery Automatic Delivery Automatic Delivery

Automatic Delivery

Every new post that you upload will automatically start getting likes. Forget about buying likes ever again.

Instant Detection Instant Detection

Instant Detection

As soon as you upload our system will detect your new post and start sending likes your way.

Unbeatable Prices
Unbeatable Prices

Unbeatable Prices

We're able to offer lowest prices on the market because this is our unique product, we're not resellers and you will see the quality.

Cancelling is simple Cancel Anytime

Cancel Anytime

If you decide to cancel our service, rest assured that you can do it without any headache or complications.

24/7 Support Team 24/7 Support Team

Top-notch Support

If you have any questions or if any issues were to arise, you can rely on our support that is ready to help you at any time.

Packages & Prices

Automatic & Instant Delivery

Likes from Real People

No Password Required

24/7 Support


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With Gramblast you can always expect:

Instant Delivery

Instant Delivery

Best Quality

Best Quality

Persistent Support

Persistent Support

Why Buy Automatic Likes?

What are the benefits?

Benefits are endless when receiving automatic Instagram likes , the greatest benefit is that Instagram likes that are delivered instantly are prone to give you a higher boosts through hashtags, and the explore page.

How Many Uploads Can I Make Monthly?

You are granted up to 120 uploads monthly on all our specially designed cheap packages, that is saving an amazing amount of money as opposed to doing it manually, and yes, your videos will receive likes too!

Will It Hurt My Account?

Absolutely not! All our promotion is done naturally and stays under Instagram's terms of use. Only much to gain when using Gramblast promotions.

Do You Need My Password?

Nope, your password is not needed and we will never ask for your password throughout any of the marketing that is done to your account. We just require your account is set to public while promotion is undergoing.

Why Choose Gramblast?

Gramblast is the number one source for all Instagram related marketing, when you sign up, your account is delivered to us, we analyze which audience fits best for you, and help you reach users related to your content, this is something others simply cannot do. Not to mention the money and time auto Instagram likes saves you. So what are you waiting for? Become a subscriber today and amp up your Instagram experience forever!