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The History Of Instagram Throughout The Years




Instagram has become one of the most popular photo/video-sharing social networks available. However, how much do you know about the social media platform? Learning about the site will likely increase your value of it. Instagram was born in October 2010. When was first launched few people know about the social network app? There were many features of the social network that included common ones such as Likes and Shares of photos. The site later offered videos, which could also get be Likes/Shares. Another key feature of the site has been the ability to use filters to customize pics. Today half a billion people use Instagram on a monthly basis, which is quite impressive considering the platform is only about half a decade old. The filters are effective mobile app tools that can make average photos look like professional images. Another key feature of Instagram is that it was built to be used in real time. This allows Instagram users to share experiences with followers via photos and videos as special events happen in their lives. When the social platform was founded in 2010 the name combined the terms “instant camera” and “telegram.” The app started out with 1 million monthly users. The site quickly became popular. In fact, by the next year there were 100 million photos uploaded by July 2011. About a year after launch it also had 10 million users. Less than two years after being founded, Facebook noticed the popularity of Instagram and purchased the social media platform for $1 billion in April 2012. That was the third biggest purchase of the world’s largest social network. After Facebook’s acquisition of Instagram its number of users skyrocketed. It had 80 million monthly users following the acquisition, and that figure almost doubled by the close of 2013. It should be noted that Facebook’s purchase of the social platform had a big effect on its increased popularity. However, it also added various features to Instagram. They included photo tagging and “Photos of You” in May 2013. There are also new tab in the Instagram user’s profile. It includes a collection of each picture the person was tagged in. Another type of tagging the Facebook added was brand tagging. This became an effective tool that could be used to increase companies’ sales. Instagram added links to embed pictures and videos. This made it easier for users to share posts. That feature was added in 2013. This allowed them to just copy/paste a link into an article/website. This move by Instagram allowed user to share content in other places and also boost traffic back to the social platform. Since then Instagram has become very popular. In fact, it’s become one of the most popular iOS and Android apps, and is also one of the fastest-growing social media platforms. In particular the number of active users has increased quickly. It is likely that Instagram’s popularity will continue to grow. While Facebook’s acquisition has been part of its success, it’s also taken steps to add more features to make it more popular.