How To Have More Followers In Instagram

Quick Way To Get Followers and Likes On Instagram Need more Instagram followers and/or likes? Well then you may want to read this helpful bit of information. You may be wondering, what in the heck do i do to have more followers in Instagram? Well, whether you are looking to buy your Instagram followers, or earn them naturally. You have come to a very helpful source in answering fulfilling your desire, In this method we will go over a few key points you must follow in order to achieving a following that will go rapidly if done right and responsibly. We will go over proper profile optimization, hashtag implementing, content, and proper audience engagement.


1. Optimize Your Profile In order to achieve real Instagram success in the worlds biggest individual social media image and video platform is definitely being one who stands out in the crowd, your profile must give your first impression audience a clear idea of who you are the second they land on your profile, if you are targeting a niche, stick by that niche and do not post anything else but content about niche, if posting a couple uploads did not work, it does not mean the page was a big failure. Patience is key, the biggest mistake i had was i had no patience until i decided to really wait it out and see where my excellent idea took me, so proper page optimization, a well written bio, high quality display image, and website if present makes the biggest difference in the world, especially if you are a business. Read our blog about using Instagram for Business 2. Proper Hashtag Implementation Most marketers or solo individuals are found placing hashtags in their posts that have nothing to do with what their Instagram is about and still wonder why they receive no likes on their posts. The most important factor in Instagram growth is how you use your hashtags, i cannot stress that any further, hashtags are what bring your followers in the first place. Do NOT stuff your posts with the same hashtags everyone else is using to "gain more likes, unless you were fortunate enough to land a shout out or two, else-wise hashtags are key at any rate" or "gain more followers" these hashtags are worthless and provide Instagram likes and followers that do not care about your profile or posts, they only do it in belief to have their kind favor returned. This sort of boost is good for a quick number for that one time, but they are not going to be there to like your next post, because they do not follow you or care to. Proper hashtag usage is using tags that are not wildly used and could easily land in "Top Posts" - remember, Instagram allows up to 30 keywords, so 30 keywords in top posts will go a long way; you must think long term, quality over quantity. 3. Content We are living in 2016, a time where you must throw away your 16-megapixel 48-megapixel phones and get serious with high-definition photos, you must ask yourself a question as simple as so; would you rather enjoy a page about something you love with posts in HD, or the page who has original iPhone camera quality? If you really want a growing page, start posting with a high-definition camera as this is proven to attract a much higher volume of users to your posts thus increasing your likes and increasing your followers base. Do not start advertising any other page until at least 50,000 followers are at reach, even then only post once every couple weeks about another page, we have experienced a high loss of followers when posting about other pages, show your audience what they want to see and something different, not what the other guys are posting. It is also proven to be a great tactic to post four times daily, this gives your followers an impression that you care and could always update them without dying out. 3. Proper Audience Engagement The reason why your followers were designated to follow you was because a certain something convinced them to, whether it being you made them laugh, curious, or just found you interesting, all in all; they enjoyed what you had to post or say. Here are a quick straight to the point key points for proper audience engagement on Instagram. • Make them laugh • Focus on a certain subject at a time • Be a role-model • Remind them why they are following you • Embrace positive space Cross-promote with users of a similar audience of yours. What you have is what they want, and what they want is what you have, followers who could potentially want to follow the both of you, in order to achieve this effectively you must have gained approximately at least 10,000 followers for the 2nd party to be interested in wanting to make a "shoutforshout" agreement with you, for once you must find profiles similar to yours, and must be very similar, not exactly identical but you get the point, if you have a page about sports cars, and the other page is about monster trucks, just because they are both auto-motives, their followers won't accept your content as it is a different hobby entirely. Once you find yourself a page similar to super cars you must be polite and request a shout out in return of a shout out of their page on your own. Once it has been agreed you must request they upload an image or video of content that is outrageous and will get their followers to be completely amazed, with proper watermarking of your page on this upload and a link back to your page in the caption is guaranteed to help boost your followers.