How To Use Instagram Stories

Are you an Instagram user and fan? If so then you might want to find ways to use the social media platform more effectively. That includes features such as Instagram Stories. Here are some helpful tips to use it more effectively:
1. Share Snapchat photos/videos Regarding filters, SnapChat has some of the most popular ones in the industry. Why not use them in the most effective way? One way to do that is to share your SnapChat photos/videos in Instagram Stories. Taking this step will help to make your stories as effective as possible. That way you can use some great photos/videos made using SnapChat’s filters, then share them on Instagram. 2. Manage messages You can’t comment on Instagram Stories. However, you can still message an Instagram user. You can choose whether you’ll receive messages from all Instagram users, or just people you follow on the social platform. You could also get messages from nobody. 3. Add filters to the stories After you choosing a photo/video, you can then choose from various basic filters. These filters can have a major impact on the quality of your photo/video. In fact, it can make average ones look like professional ones. As when choosing the photos/videos themselves, make sure to choose the filters carefully. This will help to provide the best results when making your Instagram story. 4. Make it colorful canvas In the case that you don’t wish to share a photo in the story, you could make a colored canvas instead. Then you can write something on the canvas and share it. Snap a photo of something, then use the drawing tool to add a color. The particular color you selected will fill up the display screen. 5. Don’t’ forget to use zoom You can easily Zoom in when creating a video for Instagram Stories. Hold down the button to take the video, and at the same time Swipe Up. You’ll then zoom in on the video. Swipe DOWN to zoom out. This will help to add an extra dimension to your videos. 6. Add background music You just have to use your phone’s Music App to do that. It just involves playing the song, then opens Instagram Stories and record the 6-second video. That will make the music play in the background. This will help to boost the quality of your story since it adds another dimension. Make sure to choose the right music for your video. It’s not enough just to add a tune. Instead, consider which one would be the tune for your particular video. That will help it provide the best result. 7. Carefully choose photos/videos This is a basic yet effective way to create your Instagram story. You can pick photos/videos from the last 24 hours. You simply have to pick the ones you want to add then share them. The basic process is easy. However, it’s important to choose the photos/videos carefully. This will help to create a story that has the best effective.

how to use Instagram stories