The Importance of Getting Plenty of Views and Likes for Instagram Content

One of the hardest parts of marketing online is getting people to actually like and view your content on social media sites and especially on Instagram.  Instagram is currently the second most popular social media platform next to Facebook.  With more than 150 million active users this is definitely one of the top sites to promote your business.  But despite the popularity, it is quite difficult to actually get people to hit the like button, especially if they know that you are a company that is busy with promoting products.  The hard work is the main reason why only 9% of small businesses in the US actually use Instagram to promote their company and they are missing out on a lot. Today you have to do much more than just notify the public of your brand and services, you have to inform everyone why they need to buy your products and how your products or services will change their lives before you will be able to get a like or view.  And this is exactly why Instagram is such an important promotional tool.    

34% of US internet users love to use Instagram which makes it the perfect platform to inform the public that they absolutely do need your products and services in their lives.
So why is it important to get lots of views and likes? Unlike Facebook, Instagram does not use filtering to boost certain content.  On Facebook, you can boost your post popularity by investing cash, but on Instagram it is all about pure hard work because here your product is shared, promoted and distributed across the net only if you get likes and views.  The more likes and views you get, the more your product is promoted and the more popular your business will become and the research you do, regarding the creating of engaging content actually pays off without you spending more on boosting posts.  Instagram likes means improved sales and popularity at a much more affordable rate:
The top benefits of lots of likes and views; ∙ Photos and videos with high volume likes and Instagram views enjoy a lot higher rank and are placed much higher in the explore page when people search for the hashtags associated with your image or video.  If your content appears much higher on the explore page, then more people are likely to click on the content, view it, like it and, most importantly commit to buying. ∙ This popular social media site has the highest conversion rate for content which means it is the social media site that leads most clients to actually commit to investing in your business.  They do this by linking back to your website through popular images which results in much more sales or improved website ratings and popularity. ∙ Instagram greatly boosts your company visibility because using the right image with the right hashtags and description enables internet users to easily navigate back to your profile even when using an alternative search engine like Google or even Pinterest because this photograph social platform brings all social platforms together. ∙ Many popular online stores like Shopify and Amazon have found that Instagram backlinks resulted in a much higher purchase value than other links like YouTube or even Facebook.  If this social media site brings in bigger deals, then it is definitely worth the extra effort to capture great shots of your products and services. • Visual marketing is still one of the best ways to encourage sales.  People like to see what they buy and they love to view its uses instead of just reading about it.  That is because visual marketing has the same effect on your mind as visual learning does.  By processing information through images, they stick in your long-term memory a lot longer, you are able to transmit information a lot quicker, images triggers emotions better and motivate people a lot easier to purchase. Ways to boost likes The right picture speaks a thousand words, or in business talk, a thousand dollars.  When people are searching the net they mostly look for something a. entertaining, b. useful or c. interesting.  It thus makes sense that your promotional images need to qualify for one of these categories. Your images or videos should show the public that they need your products that your products are interesting or your content or product needs to be entertaining in order to get people to actually hit the like button. The second way to really get people to like your content is to use popularity to boost your popularity because the more likes an image gets, the wider the image is shared.  With more likes, more people realize that the product or content is useful or interesting in some way and the more likely they are to pay attention, like the image or video themselves and thus promote your product or service even further.