Using Instagram to Generate Leads for Business

Social media marketing is the best way to promote your business.  A big question that most companies have, regarding social media marketing is which social media sites are best for promoting your business.  Well, it could be good to promote on all social sites because that gives you the widest possible coverage for all different types of people, but it is hard work to promote your business on all of these sites.  A lot of businesses still promote successfully by only selecting the top social media sites and many businesses make a huge mistake of underestimating the power of Instagram to promote business and generate leads. 

Instagram is definitely not just for cosmetic companies and individuals.  Any business can use this popular platform to boost sales because so many people are inspired to use services with a captivating photo and you get instant promotion for any product or service without saying a word. 
Why high volume Instagram followers are important? Instagram has more than 600 million users. That means that your business can promote successfully to up to 600 million people when you use this social site for promotional purposes. But there is one big catch.  You have to get people to actually start following your page so they can see your services and people only choose to follow popular businesses with lots of Instagram followers for the following reasons:
• They believe that lots of people are following you for good reasons such as; ∙ High quality products ∙ High quality service ∙ Reliability ∙ Great reputation • Following what popular individuals are following gives lots of people good tips to boost personal popularity. • Popular sites usually have loads of interesting and useful content to view. • A lot of Instagram users will draw inspiration from popular businesses for their own small businesses. Why Instagram likes are important? Instagram is important for B2B marketing as well as B2C marketing and according to the Social Media Examiner 2016 Report businesses have to put in a lot of research when posting images for promotional purposes on Instagram or they won’t get likes for certain images.  Likes for images are important because every time someone likes an image, the image is promoted to their page as well, so their friends can also be directed back to your business.  The public will give Instagram likes for images you share for the following reasons:
• The image is appealing • The image is useful • They desire something on the image There are however a few other ways to get Instagram likes for cheap that doesn’t require quite as much research and hard work. 
Why Instagram views are important? More than 500,000 advertisers use Instagram for good reason. Instagram is a good way to get clients and businesses interested in products and services because they can see how this product or service will benefit them instead of just reading about it.  High volume views are important to indicate good interest and continuous popularity for your products or services. If 500 000 advertisers are using Instagram then you can bet that Instagram views are a great way to captivate more buyers, so you can make a huge success of your business.